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Landscape by Joan Lok 

My landscape in sumi-e differs from Western watercolors in the tranquil atmosphere that provides a calming effect on the viewers.  I am grateful to my mentor Master Shum Wen Fung for giving me a solid foundation in rendering clouds and mists in my landscape.  

Contact Joan to Buy
New England Foliage

18.5" x 14.5", USD $450

Nat'l Cherry Blossom Festival Poster

22.5" x 21", Official 2005 Poster. USD $35 Free autograph upon request

Emerald Falls

14.75" x 14.75", mounted on silk to 22" x 22", USD $500

Po Mo Landscape

14.5"x18.75", USD $450

Classic Landscape

14" x 14", mounted on silk to 22" x 22", USD $500

Foggy Morning

14"x17.75", USD $450

Fall Colors

14.75"x17", USD $450

Two Pines

27" x 17", mounted on silk to 36" x 24", USD $680

Emerald Country

18.5"x13.75", USD $450


18" x 28*, mounted on silk to 24" x 36", USD $630

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